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    Well, my Townie is almost finished! I got the magnets and Wolf battery mounted on the rear rack and got the motor tested. I just need to clean up some of the wiring with cable ties and figure out what to do with the extra cable/plug coming out of the motor (BBSHD). I believe it's for a headlight which I won't use. There isn't a cap for the plug. What does everyone do with this cable if you don't use it...tape it up to protect it from the elements? I have to shorten the wiring harness from the motor to the battery, as Luna, in their generosity, shipped a longer XT-90 Backpack Leash extender than I ordered and need. I was going to use it to extend the harness to reach the rear rack so I wouldn't have to cut and solder. Many thanks go out to XCnick and Commuter Ebikes as I couldn't have tackled this project without your help. HIGHVOLTAGE, Max Volt, Paxtana and others answered many questions and provided advice. I'm sure I've got some more upgrades to do, like a better ebike chain, tires, new drink holder (the display took its place on the handlebars), fenders, better kickstand to support the heavy rear rack. This is becoming a very expensive but fun project!
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      Your bike looks so good. I really like the white and battery on the rack. If you go with more power the battery will take it. I lost my cool waiting for mighty mini batteries and will try to blow myself up with LiPo from Hobby Shack. Glad to see your battery safe an sound.

      Electra has next years models. What do you think of the colors? They are trying the muted colors of Santa Cruz.

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      Disk brakes! The rim work well, but Townie Go has had some weird drum thing in the past. This is 100% ready for me to convert to Enviolo Automatic. Just make a new rear wheel with the Enviolo hub and swap the motor for the Automatic Activeline. I will have to steal a bike with the Enviolo because I can't buy an Enviolo. MT-5 brakes, Bodyfloat stem, carbon wheels, Ar, Ar, Ar, as Tim Allen used to say.

      RIP the 40mph Townie
      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks! I was also waiting for a smaller battery like the two Mini's or the 52v 10ah but couldn't wait and thought that the Wolf would be large enough and durable. I want to take the bike to Yosemite in a few weeks. Gotta say I love the ebike and I've learned a lot in the process. I like the muted colors of the new Townie and you have some great ideas to make the bike better.

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        Townie with a BBSHD and dirt tires. What's not to like! A woven basket full of kittens too.

      I’m really enjoying the my Townie conversion! Got a question for XCnick or someone else who might know the answer. I need more space on the handlebar to mount accessories. XCnick took this pic of his wife’s bike. What is the blue extension bar called, that is mounted to the handlebar, so I can do a search for one?


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        I haven't heard xcnick around for a while - if you manage to get a hold of him, see if you can't get him to PM me...

      Waiting sucks. Luna did not have my preferred battery pack in stock for a few weeks when I ordered my kit, so I used 3 Ryobi 20V battery packs in series(I had to only charge one to 75% or got the over volt warning on BBSHD). They worked ok for the couple weeks before I got my soft packs in. Nice little ride you got there tho. Great job, now get out and enjoy it!!! LOL


        Now I get email notification? I gave up because I didn't get notifications.

        Blue thing from Amazon. Some only have one connection to the bar and this one had two.

        Electrify bike has the 14s2p 30Q battery.

        pm will be sent when I figure it out.


          Here's that "blue thing from Amazon" - room for a beer holder, TV AND remote control!
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            NCRKD, thanks for the Amazon link. Beer holder is a good idea!