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    New Sur-Ron MX Owner

    Hello all,

    Recently ordered a Sur-Ron MX from Luna. One of the reasons was information gleaned from lurking on the friendly and informational forum here.

    I’m not really a bicycle (or motorcycle) enthusiast, per se, but was intrigued by ads in hunting magazines for various electric-assist trail bikes. Back in the day, before 4 wheelers and UTV’s, we had a Honda trail 90 that my Dad used constantly. For those unfamiliar with it, they were designed to be a light weight, quiet, low-geared, slow speed bike made for going anywhere. Extremely cool and ultra-handy for chores and security duty on the farm.

    Of course today everyone has big UTV’s---and they’re become indispensable---but I always pined for something stealthier and handier that, like the old Honda, could go almost anywhere without having to chainsaw a trail through the woods. The ads for electric-assist trail bikes led to more internet research and finally here.

    I make use of other internet forums, including one pertaining to another hobby: antique tractor restoration. The experts, tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers on that board go out of their way to help one another. This forum has a similar feel. I’m pleased to join and hope to learn and contribute when I can.