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Hello from BC!

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    Hello from BC!

    Hi all,
    I am new here but I've been an electric vehicle enthusiast for years. I own a Volt and love it
    My background is in motorcycles and almost no background with cycling so the learning curve with the bikes has been kinda steep
    I have a store bought 500w hub drive bike and its fine but I initially wanted to build my own and still do

    I am planning a hardtail mountain bike with plus tires with a Cyclone and 52 v triangle pack
    I am leaning towards the Rocky Mountain Growler 20

    Hi and welcome to the group - a number of us here have motorcycle experience as well. Good luck on your build(s). Looking forward like to the build write-ups.
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      Prior to electric bikes my primary experience has been motos however I've owned MTB's since they first were on the scene around '80 and had bikes as a youngster before then and never been afraid of a wrench

      Compared to motos the bikes are way easier to work on and a whole lot less expensive =]

      Discovered electric bikes about three years ago and now about 7500mi later!

      I started with an off-the-shelf rear hub and learned quickly that I'd need to move on to a mid-drive - built that myself and happy every since


        Go FS . I've been riding bicycles since the 70's and have put in 40,000+ miles in my lifetime. (sore back now) If you want to save your back discs get full suspension. It will also help absorb shocks on all the fragile electronics