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BBS02 PAS response time

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  • Defjr333
    In the configuration software there are a couple settings that may/ may not(?) help........I would check the start current, slow start mode, and start degree on the PAS tab. If using brake cuttoff switces, I would check the time for that as well. I have a bbshd, but my friends bbs02 had the same config parameters just lower current/ volt. Has any of the programming been changed from factory? Easiest way would be to copy or "Read" all the settings of the one that works properly, then switch motors and "write" the file from the other onto it. That way they are 100% identical in programming and any differences will be entirely mechanical, if any. Hope something here helps.

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  • JoelEB
    started a topic BBS02 PAS response time

    BBS02 PAS response time

    I have 2 BBS02's that I interchange when one needs repair. One of them has VERY SLOW response to PAS input, the other is much, much quicker. I ride a lot of mountainous terrain, and when I need to move to a lower gear, the PAS lag requires me to ride across the slope, or use the throttle. Can this be changes? I spoke to someone there, Joel, and he said earlier models of PAS had 2 sensors, 180 degrees from each other. I am getting ready to send the slow unit to you for the nylon gear maintenance, and would like to get issue resolved as well.