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    Brand new at e-biking


    Just took the plunge and ordered the BBSHD kit from LunaCycle. I'm going to try to make it fit on my 2014 Trek Farley 6 fatbike. At 60, I need a little help up the hills and when the snow is not packed yet. Also, used to ride with a group every Sunday, 2-3 hour rides on trails (Winter, snow). The group is mainly folks in their 20's and 30's with a few tough old goats. I would keep up for the first hour to hour and a half, but after that, I'd run out of fuel, so I quit going and regained all the pounds that I had lost. Time to get back on the saddle (well, when the snow arrives, which should be pretty soon now), with a little help this time. Looking forward to reading all your stories. I probably will have to throw a question here and there once the kit shows up. Still don't know much about bicycle mechanics, especially the terminology, I'm more of a motorcycle guy (fast bikes!)


    Welcome! I, too, had mostly quit riding and lost the health benefits. Now I ride a ton, again.

    As to the BBSHD in particular: considering yours is from Luna and so the throttle should still provide the precise assist level control needed for snowy trail rides, I think it will do what you want. That's one big issue to be aware of, as a new owner: the newer BBSHDs aren't good for tough trail riding unless the throttle behavior is somehow reverted to 'the old way' where you can modulate power at will. Not all kits work right, in fact all are 'wrong' unless modified, nowadays, as explained by Luna and I think elsewhere.

    Importantly: New ones are all supposed to be fixed, if from Luna, per Luna. This is huge. You would not like it at all for snowy fat riding, if the throttle behavior is not fixed, I think.

    I explain this because as you will soon learn, when you ride with them, folks will want to try your bike, and you will let them :) Then, they will build their own.

    If you recommend a BBHD to them or tell them that's what you have, it's necessary, IMO, to warn them of this issue at the same time. Or, they may wind up with a BBSHD kit that's just frustrating and unsafe for any really challenging trails. There may be other sources for proper or fixed ones, but as far as I know only Luna has fixed this for us.*

    *(I don't work for Luna, I just like 'em a lot since they do things like THIS for us.....)

    So, if you tell folks what to get to be cool like you, be kind and advise them to look into that, in case they decide to get a BBSHD like you did.

    Good luck on the build, and enjoy it!
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    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


      Luna's kits are NOT the same ones you see on Ali and other sites. I have a LUNA purchased BBSHD and all components from them. A co-worker wanted to build one, but save some $ (hey dont we all) by getting his from a seller on Ali. His controller was locked and would not allow programming. It was locked at 750W! And the battery pack he received was just junk. After purchasing a new BBSHD controller from LUNA, and returning his battery to get a "good" one, hiw bike is now great, but all that $ he "saved" was spent and then some to get his kit just up to LUNA standards. I have not noticed a difference in the throttles tho, as he uses a thumb throttle, and I prefer the full twist. For MTB I would stick with the thumb. The full twist is great for me, but my bike will NEVER go off road. Just no.


        Really appreciate the feedback. I guess I'm really glad I went with Luna Cycle then.
        About the throttle, my initial idea (and I may change my mind once I gain some experience) was to strictly use the pedal assist. I still want to get a good workout, it's just that I need that extra help from the motor when I can't keep up, so I don't end up frustrated like I was.
        I ordered the programing cable because I figured that once I get more familiar with the system, I might want to tune it to where I like it. I'm also a technical person and dislike to have devices that I can't control/tune to my liking.


          With the throttle override fix you can still pedal and use the throttle to control the amount of assist... riding on rapidly varying terrain is super benefited by having that instantaneous control of the assist amount..


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            I agree.

            Even riding more slowly on varying terrain--that throttle is a must-have (in my opinion). Maybe that's because my off-roading is done with the bakfiets--but that throttle gives me a finer level of control--and I like that. Plus, the throttle allows me to engage "max-power" in an instant--on-demand.

            In seeming contradiction, I feel my other project--a city-bike with a TSDZ2--actually works better without a throttle. But that's because it's got torque-sensing; my legs are the throttle--so I've still got that same level of control. An article I read here once described torque-sensing bikes as [paraphrased big-time] acting pretty much the same as a normal bike--except you feel a bit like you've borrowed Superman's legs... I can't recall the exact wording--but the idea made for a pretty fair description. Torque-sensing feels "natural"--if not also a bit "supernatural"--and in that way, it's pretty nice. Now--should I injure myself, or find for some other reason that I can't pedal with any force (or at all)--then I'll be awfully glad I bought that throttle. I can just take it out of the drawer, plug it into the display--and I'll be go to go. But for now--with torque-sensing--the throttle winds up being redundant.

            That bakfiets project though, has only PAS (no torque sensing) And it's a whole different story there. With that project, there's no way I'd ever be satisfied with the level of control offered by PAS only. It'd be rideable--and if the throttle fails, I could get it home--but the machine wouldn't operate the way I want it to if I didn't also have the throttle available. I enjoy the additional control over my machine which having a throttle allows me. I wouldn't be happy without it.

            Whether via my legs (torque-sensing) or via my wrist or thumb--I've just got to have throttle control. Some kinds of "automation" could be very helpful. I wish traction-control wasn't out of my depth--for example. But yeah... Even if I'm rolling slowly enough to jump off and run alongside--and running all three motors on "cruise-control" --I still want to be able to mash that throttle, if dogs decide to chase me!
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          I can't wait to have my motor installed and experience what you guys are talking about. I do agree, having that throttle to bail you out of a bad spot (dog chasing, or moose maybe... naaa, they're too fast :-) )
          It's going to be a long two weeks waiting for the shipping to here!