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Newbie have ebike on order

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    Newbie have ebike on order

    Hi All, I am a newbie with the ebike stuff, so I ordered an Ecotric Hammer cruiser it has a 1000 watt motor and 48 volt batt. system.
    Just ordered in on Friday the 13th lol
    it was listed at 1480.00 but with the promo code was 1285.00 Did I get a good deal this also has hyd disc brakes ? I have heard those cost much more.
    I am not sure if this forum was only for ebike builds or "store bought" ebikes as well. thanks
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    This site is for all e-bike stuff, but gravitates toward the DIY build it yourself. You can find stuff from entry level bikes, to high end ones. I was clueless about a 1 1/2 years ago, now have built my own and would never go back to a fully assembled one. BUT, what is BEST, is what works for YOU. Money, time, experience, knowledge. you will find pretty much anything you need here on knowledge. What you cant find, just start a thread in the proper forum and you will get lots of help. I did! As far as being a "good deal" for that bike, I have no clue what the motor on it is capable of, or the quality of the frame/ components are. Sorry. But if you look through some peoples build page, they generally give a build price. Mine is now at $2900!!! BUT, I still can not find anything that compares......For my purpose. Welcome to the madness, it gets addictive.
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