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Newbie with question about shared battery between two e-Bikes

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    Newbie with question about shared battery between two e-Bikes

    I'm excited about electrifying two of my bikes and have a question about battery compatibility. Here's what I plan:

    1. Electrify my Brompton using the motor available from Grin Technologies ( with the geared hub motor (the larger SAW20, MSOFP16) and Grin baserunner controller. Grin sells "LiGo" battery packs, which look small and would fit in my Brompton bag in the front. The main advantage of these packs is that they can travel on airlines. Not sure this is super important for me or not. So on the fence about this because of the import taxes to the US.

    2. Electrify my Jamis Gravel bike using a BBS02 motor and controller from Luna. Probably would go with the 52V battery pack because I want the range.

    I'm fairly mechanically inclined but totally electrically challenged and my question is what to do about batteries. To save $$ I'd like to purchase one battery system and use on both bikes. From an electrical point of view, is this possible? And if so, would an electrically inclined person opine on which option (LiGo or Luna) would be preferred and why? Although the Luna battery system looks a bit bulky, I feel like it should also fit inside my Brompton bag if it could be used on that bike as long as I can make the connectors reach.

    Thanks in advance.

    That geared hub states 36-48v. BUT, if you are going with a phaserunner controller you can likely de-tune it to the max 48v and compensate the difference in the advanced settings for "field weakening". Not 100% sure, as I mostly use my phaserunner/bbshd field weakening to increase amps to motor, not volts. Shoot Grin an email, and get their opinion. Same goes for the BBS02 I think. 48v system. BBSHD can accept 48-52v packs, but not sure if bbs02 can or not. BUT, if it where me, I would go a different route. But your talking to a junkie who uses dual 52v(58.8v) packs in parallel to have a continuous pull of 50 amps and a peak of AND that still doesnt satisfy me and am looking to build larger packs and likely move to a QS hub motor. Addictive.