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New guy with mystery battery

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    New guy with mystery battery

    Hi, im tony, im 31 and im an alcoholic. Ha joking,

    I live in malta and recently wanted a cheap way to travel. So i bought an electric scooter. Now this was great at first but then i got bored of the poor brakes and slow 30kmph speed. So i upgraded to a set of magura mt5e hydraulic brakes and i am looking for a slightly better hub motor.

    I plan to build an ebike after this so this is my practice build if you will.

    Now all i i know about the battery in my scoot is that it has LG cells, its 13ah and 48v. I want to try and figure out exactly how much amperage this batt can sustain so i can match it with new controller and motor without stressing the battery to its limits.

    Is there anyway of finding out the true capacity and voltage and most importantly the amp output of my battery pack?

    Manufacturer doesnt want to help as guessed. Probs nowhere near the specs they advertise.

    Any help would be amazing. So hello all, i hope that wasn't too much for a first post!

    ​​​​​​​Thanks guys

    You need to know WHAT LG cells they are. Different cell models have different discharge rates, max volt, etc. If you can actually see the cells inside the pack, just google the 18650 code printed on the cells and you should find what you need. Hope that helps.


      Amazing battery identification chart provided by Paxtana...
      See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.