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X1 - Error 30: SOLVED

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    X1 - Error 30: SOLVED

    Hi everybody -

    I just wanted to share an experience with my X1 Enduro.

    On my very first ride offroad the bike stopped working after about 1 mile. The display would turn off. When turning the bike back on the battery would show 0% and Error Code #30 would come up.
    Both cables on the display were properly set so I was afraid it might be an issue with the battery (moisture, temperature etc).

    But it turned out it was a simple fix. The controller cable on the motor got unplugged. 3x Torx screws have to be removed to take off the plastic cover on the left side of the bike.
    Pushing the plug back in did the trick. Everything has been working fine since.

    Hope this is helpful.


    Thanks , i have same problem with my X1 Enduro with same error code. What kind of screwdriver did you use to remove the lid? 3xTorx screws are they in the case they sent us?