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Going to buy a kit need some advice

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    Going to buy a kit need some advice

    First of all, this is my bike I will be converting.

    This is the kit i'll be getting: (i'll be purchasing it from Luna not amazon but its just an easier way to show you guys which one)

    Things i'm concerned about.
    Any of the attachments that are going on the handle bars (display / throttle), what bar size do they fit?

    I heard the motor rests underneath the bottom bracket, I have cables under there, what are you guys doing with those?

    Does the kind of display I get prevent any specific programming?

    Also, i just realized that this is the BBS03 kit (newest version) should I get that insteadd?

    I heard luna's are modified, but they're also sold out :(


      If you are afraid of doing it yourself call someone to help you who is more familiar with these things.
      Display and throttle are adjustable they will fit anyway.
      You need to get cables off if you think motor won't fit and then place cables back to their position.
      I don't think so you need to program anything as they are ready to go but if you want some extra functionality you can program it manually.


        Also wait for someone else opinion before proceeding maybe they can guide you better.


          Tell us what kind of riding you want to do. If you are going to be on the street that bike will do. The kit will go on almost any bike. If your going to ride on dirt road, or trails, thats not the bike. you will be going fast, hitting bumps hard, wanting more traction. you need full suspension! You can buy an excellent used mountain bike for less then that! Look at the thread on here that shows good donor bikes. the bbshd is definitely the right choice. its easy to install, lots of tutorials and support from Luna. you will be grinning from ear to ear, with the wind in your hair, and the thrill doesn't go away! Make a good one! Happy Motoring, e-rod


            I already own the bike, i sent that link for spec reference, I live in NYC and waiting for the subway when you need to go to the store for one thing is a pain, so i'm using this as a mode for transportation. 1000w seems like a lot but i like the power.

            Some things I would like to know is are:

            What is difference between the –
            52v Shark Samsung 30q 12ah $495.95 / 52v Luna Wolf V2 Samsung 30q 12ah $549.95 ???

            Is 52V Advanced Luna 300W Ebike Charger $79.95, worth it? I don't need quick charge I would be charging overnight.

            Is the Luna Designed Chainring, as good of a quality as the Lekkie?

            Does getting the simpler no extra cost display prevent me from programming?

            Will the motor get in the way with this kickstand?

            Do i need to use the crank arms that come with the kit or can I use mine?
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              I am not an expert, but the luna wolf is worth the extra 50$. Its potted, waterproof,shockproof and has a magnetic mount, very cool advanced battery. I have both chargers, they both work fine. The 300w goes from 1 to 5amps for that quick charge. I think anything machined that Luna makes is as good as it gets, certainly good enough. To program the motor you unhook the display and attach the programing cable to the wiring harness in it's place. So it doesn't matter what display you have to program the motor. I like the mini 500. It looks like that kickstand would work. The motor doesn't mess with the kickstand mount area behind the seat post in the center, it's outside the chain stay, you might need spacers to not hit the chain stay on the outside, no biggy. One of the crank arms that come with the kit is offset to compensate for the extra width. I think you need to use them. Also the sprocket mounts to the motor, not a crank arm, like your bike. hope this helps. Happy Motoring, e-rod


                e-rod Thanks! super helpful!