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Surface 604 Build Quality & Issues With... Well Quite a Lot

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    Surface 604 Build Quality & Issues With... Well Quite a Lot

    I own a secondhand 604 Shred and I bought it in a non working state, I obviously don't have any warranty and buying it in a non working state should tell you I also don't have the money to throw at a store to fix it for me. So I had to fix it myself.

    I know someone who also owns a different model from surface and it too has similar issues to mine so I don't think they are endemic to mine.

    1. Sensor in the crank caused the bike to switch off stay in walk mode and try to runaway on you whenever you tried to park it without holding one of the breaks on to kill the motor.
    2. The + & - buttons don't work properly you have to quickly tap back and forth from one to the other just to get them to even think about functioning.
    3. Battery dies going up hill and flashes empty at 4 bars then recovers to 4 bars upon reaching flat ground again.
    4. The ring on the connector to the frame stripped making it impossible to connect the battery.
    My fixes (They work sort of look terrible which probably helps to stop a potential thief from stealing it)

    To get the bike to work at all I had to disconnect the wire from the crank and then the rest of the harness. So now all it has is the thumb throttle and thank god it does or it would be a really crappy under powered ride
    The reason why the crank sensor failed from what I can see is due to the route the wire has to travel through the frame in conjunction with the other holes drilled into the frame to route the brake cable and such. The hole at the bottom of the frame acts as a dirt scoop and the hole where the sensor wires enter the crank bearing set allows a lot of this scooped up dirt and water to destroy a component that costs around $250 to replace, not only does it destroy the sensor it also destroys the smooth motion of the crank. The noise that emanated from the crank when I took it out of the frame was hideous it sounded like I was grinding gravel in a mortar and pestle along with the souls of the damned. Nails on a chalkboard rattle your fillings type stuff. I haven't replaced the crank yet I just put it back in the bike after removing as much dirt as I could which I could have easily grown chives in there was that much of it in there and under the bottom bracket for the battery. This could have been mitigated with rubber grommets to seal up the extra space.

    I had to take the controller box out of the frame to detach the sensor wire and how it was initially installed into the frame is beyond my level of comprehension and judging by how many of the wires were crimped and almost broken the techs at surface also had problems or gave zero f**ks during its assembly. I'm tending to lean towards the zero f**ks given as the main culprit. And that doesn't rest solely on surface bafang too. The whole bike is one big water carrier. The circuit boards in the buttons housing were corroded which is why I am having to play them like a piano to get them to function at all and my friends bike is the same way with the battery shutting off intermittently and the buttons not functioning and if I had to guess it's only a matter of time till his ends up like mine was. The circuit boards in the battery are some of the most corroded I have ever seen and that still function though the BMS is probably killing the battery due to it's sad state. I was actually able to pour water out of the battery pack the seals are that bad and I had to cut out part of the housing so I could attach the battery to the bike the controller is on the outside of the frame and until I make a box to seal it and the wiring up properly I've gone with a combination of tuck tape and liberal coats of flex seal rubber roof repair to keep the moisture out as best I can.

    Personally I think that for the amount of money they charge for their machines they could be put together way better I can't believe something that cost $2000 new would be so poorly built. Though that being said if it hadn't I would likely still be waiting for the right opportunity to buy one in my price range. The prices for a new battery are beyond extortionate at $500 for a 10 hour and $800 for a 14 hour. I could build the same packs for under $200 and I am not buying the components in bulk. That is criminal.

    Those are my gripes. Overall the bike has been nothing short of life changing I have exercise induced asthma and the start of COPD hills on a normal bike nearly kill me literally. This bike has given me a new lease on life I fly up hills like they don't exist and a single charge gets me everywhere I need to be in town and dies on the last hill home which I can still get up even when the battery is flashing just a little slower. The battery charges fast enough that it is either fully or partially charged enough to get me home and going off road is a blast though I don't recommend going along the train tracks the shaking nearly broke some teeth. So I don't want to come across as some angry hate filled person I love my eBike more than you could know and even with all of its issues is by far one of the best things I have ever put money into. I will repair and replace whatever this bike requires till the molecules in the frame break down I'm just not looking forward to the down time when the bits go bad.

    I will add some photos later
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