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    I'm new to Ebikes.
    I have hydraulic disk brakes but the kit came with cable brake levers.
    Will it work without them?

    As I understand most kits, you could run without them, but it's not really a good idea. You will want to buy extra sensors for your kit, and figure out how to mount them onto your existing levers.



      There is a youtube video on removing the switch from the brake levers and installing in another (hydraulic) lever. Do a search.


        Originally posted by DaHose View Post
        As I understand most kits, you could run without them, but it's not really a good idea.

        Perhaps a method you'd like to use...


        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


          There is a delay in the power cutoff when you stop pedaling. The brake switch shutoff is right away. So it's worth having.


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            Blasphemy: I don't use the e-bike brake handles for my TSDZ2 conversion--but then I don't use a throttle with that system either. That particular system has a pretty small post-pedaling delay (roughly a half-second or so, I'm pretty sure), and so far, not having cut-off switches hasn't caused me any real grief.

            Without brake-cutoff-switches, I had to lose the habit of resting a leg on the raised pedal at a stoplight--or the TSDZ2's torque-sensing would try to send me forward. Of course the brakes can keep me from going through on red--but "power-braking" is definitely unkind to both the mid-drive, and to the rest of the drivetrain--so anyone who can't break that habit should probably go ahead and use the e-bike brake-handles.

            Redemption: In sharp contrast, I think brake cut-off switches are an absolute must-have for any throttle-controlled system. I know I would feel extremely unsafe operating my bakfiets project without them.
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          I don't have brake cutoffs on my TSDZ2 or throttle either. But BBSHD is much more common here. The PAS torque sensing on the TSDZ2 cuts off power that way when you stop pushing on the pedals when braking.
          The original firmware on that had an RPM sensor that cut power at a stop. Some of the aftermarket firmware disabled it because they didn'y know why it was there. Putting pressure on the pedals at a stop is normal riding, and the motor has no cooling at 0 RPM. That could be programmed out if you wanted to. But I haven't upgraded my TSDZ2 firm ware yet so IDK the specific settings.