Ok, Got the bafang drive (from Luna) installed on my TT Rover, hooked up to controller panel, battery plugged in, and trike is off the work rack.
So its sitting on the living room floor. Now when I pushed it backwards the chain seemed to jump a bit, thinking this might be the back wheel out of alignment.

However, I did notice that the motor itself has a little bit of back and forth play (front to back) on the spindle bracket. It is enough to make the front chain sprocket move about the width of the inside of the chain, say about a 1/6th inch. I checked the lock down nut, its as tight as can be. Any ideas?

I am using the Utah trike Torque bracket for the CMX sunseeker trikes. Thinking I may have to add a washer or two to it between the torque bracket and the spindle bracket?