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New Ancheer E-Bike has no pedal assist.

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    New Ancheer E-Bike has no pedal assist.

    When first setting up my new Ancheer E-Bike, the only electrics that worked were the headlamp, horn and Meter. the headlamp lost brilliance within a very short time and the horn sounded like it was dying, inferring battery at a low level of charge. I spent time checking all connections were good.

    Having confirmed that charger works (Green Light) I plugged into the controller indicating battery charged (Green Light) which indeed it was when checking at battery. The Meter worked as before but this time both headlamp and horn showed no drop off. My assumption therefore is there must have been a poor connection somewhere which I unknowingly corrected whilst checking connections.

    That's all very good but I still have no pedal assist. Can you help please?

    Heres in anticipation