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BBSHD pedal assist not working but throttle works

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    So could I hook up the controller and hook that up to a battery to test it? Do I need to have it hooked up to everything else? I can access this cadence sensor.

    also just by looking not sure if my pic is clear enough, but the grey cable looks more exposed than the other three. Not sure if you can see it.

    let me know if that’s an issue and where the black and red probe go on the sensor and what I’m looking for. I reread your explanation on the sensor several times but I still don’t understand what exactly to do


      The display needs to be hooked up in order to turn on the controller - all testing must be done with the unit connected to the battery *and* turned on with the four wire connector plugged into the controller

      Measure from black to red and confirm ~5V

      Measure from black to gray and confirm it changing from ~0V to ~5V while you turn the pedals forward


        I bought a controller and that’s not the issue.

        Unless there is some way the PAS disc can break in an undetectable way. It has to be the PAS circuit board right?


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          I didn't think the controller was the likely issue, have you probed the pedal cadence signals yet?

        No I haven’t. I still don’t know how to do it despite even your second explanation. There is just no exposed metal on the cadence sesnsor on my kit.

        but at this point isn’t it unnecessary? It has to be the PAS board since that’s the only thing left that could be the issue right?


          Update: swapped out the PAS board and that solved it!