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HELP!! My killer whale battery is stuck on the sled!!

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    HELP!! My killer whale battery is stuck on the sled!!

    I went to remove my battery from the bike today as I have done many times over the years and found that it is stuck. Tried with all my might for about 5 mins and could not remove it. I suspect that turning the key is no longer raising the little metal post, although nothing about the key mechanism feels any different than it ever has. This is just a guess though as it's impossible to actually tell what's going on to cause the issue. My main concern is... how do I get this thing off??

    Still struggling with this. I cannot get the battery off the bike to save my life. I cannot access any of the screws on the sled as they are covered by the battery. Turning the key makes no difference. I've done extensive searches on what this battery looks like disassembled and cannot find anything. Can anyone please provide photos of a killer whale lock mechanism so maybe I can figure out how to get this thing off??

    UPDATE: FINALLY I got the battery off. The issue is in the terminals. Something appears to have been melted a bit. I need to do research to determine just how screwed I am.

    UPDATE: Through various methods I have been able to determine that the issue is NOT the key mechanism. The key turning still raises the post just like before. So now the question more than ever is WHAT IS CAUSING THE BATTERY TO BE STUCK?? I have pounded on it with a rubber mallet and it will not come loose from the sled. Could it be swollen? it doesn't look like it but I have no idea what else it could be.

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