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Help with BBS02 failure

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    Help with BBS02 failure

    Hi all,

    I could use some help or suggestions with my BBS02: this is a 48V unit with a 850c display, no throttle, PAS, no brake sensors.

    The unit failed a few weeks ago with those symptoms:
    - walk mode works normally: the motor moves the bike forward, walking speed, no strange noises
    - however nothing happens when pedaling, the motor never starts; the display shows 0W
    - there is no error code of any kind in the 850c
    - the speed sensor is properly connected, and the correct speed shows on the display
    - I had reprogrammed the controller but simply to lower all the parameters; and with the new controller I tried both factory settings and my settings and the problem is the same in both cases.

    I have replaced the controller with a compatible aftermarket controller, the problem remains. I have double-checked the black and the white connectors (PAS and
    hall) inside controller and they look fine.
    I haven taken apart the motor side of the bbs02, is there anything I should look for if I do that?

    Any suggestions welcome, I would hate to replace rotor and stator to discover that I missed something obvious!