Hi all! I'm new here and hope I placed this in the right place. So I bought a custom ebike which is a big mistake as I think the person was not an expert. Everything was working fine though except the fact he lied about the range. So the bike is a 1000w motor bike and it was able to toggle from 1 eco mode to 5 most power. It worked perfectly but after 4 rides into it, now it can only toggle from 1-3. I tried going into the settings and everything checks out. But I just can't go into 4-5.. I'm using the sw900 screen if that helps. I did open the bag where the controller is and noticed that some of the wiring connection has been burned but doesn't look completely damaged. Maybe that's the issue? Or is there something I'm missing? I've noticed this problem towards the end of my last bike ride. Anyone that help, I'll greatly appreciate it. Thanks!