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Sur-Ron charging question.

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    Sur-Ron charging question.

    Hello, I've been testing my new Sur-Ron for some time, and while browsing the technical stuff on the maintenance issues I've found this article which kind of made me confused about the right way of charging the battery.
    In the Sur-Ron's manual it says that I have to plug the charger into the battery and THEN insert the input plug into power supply socket, but the article says exactly the opposite: "Always plug the charger in the AC outlet before connecting the charger to the battery."
    I have a 220v socket and standard (not Luna, which I think is different from stock?) 10A charger, shown below.
    So what is the correct way and does it really matter at all?
    Thanks in advance, appreciate any help!
    Click image for larger version

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    Also, is charging to 100% really affect the lifespan of the battery much? Do you guys keep it under 80% at all times?
    And this article says:
    "Please fully charge the battery to 100% for the first few cycles(3-5), leave it on till the charger stops..."
    and then
    "-When new a battery may take 6 to 8 charge discharges to ballance. Possibly more if you push the pack hard."
    So what's the correct number of charges-discharges, 3-5 or 6-8+?
    Also by cycle they mean full cycle (0-100%) or just an any attempt of charging, no matter how small?

    Sorry for so many questions, wish this was in manual to begin with.
    Really hope someone can enlighten me on this...

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