hi ppl i have a EMMO GT*) DELU6XE on controller cover says 80v 1000w (72v 6-12v batteries) i bought it wires from cnrtl box to motor were burnt melted cuz the degen who i bought from twisted real small wires from plugin the 3 phase wires n well the size there r suppose 2 be r mush larger so i soldered in the proper size on all of them the 3 phase wires n the 5 hall sensor wires i replaced the hall sensors i get everything bk to par turn key on then twist throttle tire just jerks n thats it doesnt spin and wires r getting warm i can c y wires r getting warm from trying to get motor moving its like trying to start ur car bike any motor crank n crank the wires get warm after time from trying to work any ideas any1 can throw at me i been working on cars for a very long time n from what i can c ether controler is bad but i have that bit of movement or wires r not in right order or maybe needs to be relearned IDK PLZ HELP lol i call EMMO Dealer n they r no help """"ohhhh we dont no could be 1 of many things u have to bring it in to use so we can bend u over n rape u with out the vasoline """" im not a big fan of dealerships of anykind if any 1 could possible give me some guidance on what to look 4 or do woulkd really be appreciated big time and would make my daughter real happy every 1 i talked to has good thing about this model if any1 could reply n help out plz n thxu Jesse