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BBS02 mid-drive suddenly has no power / drive

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    BBS02 mid-drive suddenly has no power / drive

    Attempted to go for a ride this morning and realized i'm getting no power assist, and no throttle response. seems the motor is not getting any power.

    here's a rundown on the issue:
    • been working fine for over a year, and 800 miles
    • no errors; displays shows normally
    • battery shows full (just recharged, like normal), even when applying throttle (ie, good battery charge state)
    • speedo works fine
    • no power assist when pedaling, no matter what level
    • no power when applying throttle
    • disconnected and reconnected all wiring; everything was clean, dry, and undamaged
    • happened first about a week ago, momentarily after doing some creek crossings (wet connectors?) then did a couple 20 mile trips afterwards with no issue
    • today I have no power at all, except maybe a couple brief "blips" of power when testing on a bike stand and using the throttle
    Any advice would be much appreciated. Want to get back on the trail and riding!