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48v 17ah shark battery concerns on new build

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    48v 17ah shark battery concerns on new build

    I recently purchased a Bafang Mid Drive 1000 watt, display c18, and 48v 17ah shark battery off Amazon. Got everything installed on my bike and have put a total of about 40 miles testing everything out, mostly 4 to 5 miles runs with rides on throttle only to just using pedal assist 1. Overall I am happy with the build but something seems "off" with the battery.

    I have charged the battery twice and after charging the battery, the Display reads 54 volts, which would be close to a full charge. At 54v, on pedal assist 1 my estimated range shows 33 miles. I know this only an estimate and changes with riding style but this seems low.

    1. The power indicator never shows above 3 bars or around 70%. (I know the power indicator is not very accurate and I would be not be concerned but added with the next 2 things...
    2. When I get to 47v the power bar shows empty and estimated range 0 to 1 miles only using pedal assist 1. (According to the charts 47v should be around 50% battery life.)
    3. When I get down to 47 volts I only get a max output of 500 watts. (I know the watts will drop as my voltage drops but this seems off)

    I know things vary based on riding style but something seems off.

    Looking for advice on if there is something not right and I should contact the seller or if this falls into the normal functioning...