So i have a Luna bbshd , standard luna tuning , currently 2600 miles with zero problems. 750c display .
recently got an error 30H . the display stopped displaying a watt readout or speed readout . The battery % went to 80/60/40 , nothing else .
The bike still works , throttle works , pas works , but feels very underpowered. The thumb buttons work , I can still toggle through all the diff displays , lets me change pas level .
I've been checking the battery level manually with a multimeter , and it seems to be draining at a normal rate .
I thought it was the controller , I swapped with another, and got exact same results , code still there .
is the Display bad ?
Is the motor core bad ?
I feel like i havent used it very hard , but i do use my bike daily.
Any assistance or advice on how to check individual things would be greatly appreciated .
This is my primary transportation, and I'm anxious to get it back to full performance