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    Luna Wolf battery

    I have a first generation Luna Wolf battery that I want to use on a full suspension bike with a small triangle.
    The battery fits, thanks to the cool magnet mounting plate, but the rear shock lock-out lever contacts the decorative aluminum plate, with the moon and wolf head cutouts, that’s riveted to the top of the battery.
    Would I be ok grinding off the tops of the rivets and removing the decorative plate, to give me the tiny bit of extra clearance I need?
    The rivets seem to be metal and I wouldn’t want the part inside the battery case to drop down and potentially cause a short.

    I was just eyeballing the fit for a possible future build and may have a similar problem.

    Will that get you enough room to make a difference? To me it looks like the whole thing is epoxy so I would think what is left of the rivets would just stay stuck in there but I'm sure someone will know for sure.

    Do you have the round magnets or the big rectangle one? I think the round ones are a little taller especially if you put the white spacers below em. If you got the big plate how about enlarging the mounting holes so the plate sits tight to the downtube? The bosses can stick through those holes and then you use washers over those to still lock the plate down. You could even get flat head countersunk screws if the bosses are that tall on your bike and the heads stick past the magnets. As long as they are not huge odd shaped braze ons that should gain you a couple mm's.

    I was actually thinking of dong that anyway on the bike I have set up now just to make it a bit stiffer. Where there is space a 3d printed spacer that fit the diameter of your downtube would be pretty slick too.


      I have both types of mounts, but I’m using the plate style because it offers more adjustability for battery placement. It’s a great system, and my threaded attachment points are flush with the frame tube, so it’s as low profile as possible.
      It really could be ok as is, the lever just grazes the decorative panel at one of the points between rivets where it bulges up, but sometimes I obsess over details
      I’ve never particularly liked that decoration anyway, it kind of reminds me of a high school shop project, so I wouldn’t mind removing it, if it’s safe to do so.