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Replacement Motor Controller Options: X813-AA26E-12Z(500W) 500w 48v

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    Replacement Motor Controller Options: X813-AA26E-12Z(500W) 500w 48v

    Good Day,
    My son rode his bike on a flat tire and his motor stopped working. It over heated the controller.

    Looks like the solder melted and flowed a bit.
    Or these were some very poor solder joints to begin with. ;)
    Looks like I have a solder bridge on the B circuit left side. And solder dripped on the left side top.

    I bet my luck is run out and a reflow and a solder bridge fix may not fix this controller. And before I dig into the FETs, I figured I'd try and find a replacement.

    Anyone have a lead on a replacement for a X813-AA26E-12Z(500W) 500w 48v brushless dc motor controller
    It is in an Ancheer 26" model.

    Thanks for your time.

    Well, I don't believe it. I fixed the solder flows and that bridge. And its powering up my motor.
    Going to check all three phases are working well and replace the connectors.

    I would love a lead on replacement options. Even if he needs a new control head.


      Did you find a replacement controller i need this model one X813-AA26E-12Z