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Missing components from Bafang kit

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    Missing components from Bafang kit

    I have a Bafang front hub motor G020.350.D (36 V) and a Bafang pedal assist (torque or speed?) SR PA231.32.ST bottom bracket. But I don't have a controller. I can't get a whole lot of info from Bafang directly. Any suggestions on options? I see some things on Ebay but the pins don't seem to match (3 vs 6 pins for the pedal assist).

    How many pins are on the short cable that comes from the motor? If it has 9, 3 large, 6 small, I have a sinewave controller from Grin that is new and unused that I bought last year. I also have a brand new Cycle Analyst to go with it. They were around $230 together. I'd sell them together for $150. The controller pdf is here


      It is a 9 pin like you describe. Reading that manual it looks like the pedal assist plugs into the CA:

      The V3 Cycle Analyst hookup can be clean and simple with only a single cable going from the handlebar to the motor controller. Since the throttle signal is intercepted by the CA before going to the controller, many more advanced control features are possible in this arrangement. That includes features like PAS assist, custom throttle mapping, motor over-temperature protection, torque sensing pedalec, mode presets etc.

      Do you have any info on the CycleAnalyst? What does the pedal assist pin-out look on that box?


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        Sorry, I had a death in the family and haven't been online all week. I'm at work now, but I'll try to check out the plugs later today.

      I assumed that any controller would need a dedicated PAS connector but maybe that's not true. Is it possible that a controller would recognize the PAS over a 1T4 connector? For example would Greenergia's controllers recognize 6 pin PAS over 1T4?


        Originally posted by 1YnIJVFmp6u6PzlQ View Post
        Do you have any info on the CycleAnalyst? What does the pedal assist pin-out look on that box?

        Manual for the V3.1 version...

        It appears that it accepts both PAS and Torque inputs... see page 21.
        opps, looks like you've got this already...

        For an interesting write up on both types, see this thread...

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        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.