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How to stop a hall throttle at rest putting out 0.8v?

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    I love it! K.I.S.S. has always appealed to my way of thinking. Thank you for the explanation and lesson. MCP6041 here I come!


      AZguy thank you so much for your support, nice to know I can just use 1 op amp (2 op amps in one chip) I am still using 2 separate ones for now as I never knew anything better.

      Regarding the pot or resistors I still prefer using the pot as it gives me some fine tuning. I’m also using an additional pot and is on the dashboard to limit max power to the motors which is wired in as follows and link for further info. It works really well.


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        Pots are fine although if I were going to utilize them I'd let my OCD put in two - (a gain and offset, I think you only have offset) so you can adjust both the top and bottom limits