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CYCLONE Wire Up Problems...

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    CYCLONE Wire Up Problems...

    Hello, After a Failed Bafang install I bought a New Cyclone Kit... I will detail the full assembly latter, right now I just want it to power up and run. I connected all the basic wires and got Zero Power to motor and nothing to screen or LED on trot. I still had two wires coming out of throttle that had nowhere to go, Blue and Yellow and a single brown coming out of the control box. I bounced around You Tube for a bit and a few tubers said the yellow went to a lead off the main power cable, I did that and it powered up the LED with correct battery voltage. But still no Motor or Screen. The Blue and yellow work with the key on & off. Any Idea Were the Blue Wire Goes...?? What does it power up..? Also Have a Power Shift Cut out switch with Noting to Plug into. Any Ideas..?? Thanks Rich
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    Hi Rich,

    Typically the throttle's BLUE wire is connected to the controller's Ignition circuit wire. (AKA: Key switch, Power to turn on control, ignition switch, ETC...)

    Often this is a small single RED or ORANGE wire, but perhaps on yours it is BROWN. Make sure first! Full battery power where it's not wanted will cause damage. :-/ Perhaps detailed information on the controller you are using will help find the answer if you don't have the wiring schematic.

    This link has a wiring diagram for the cyclone motor that shows this circuit. With the controller's ignition circuit wire RED.

    It may also provide more helpful information on a Cyclone installation!

    As far as the "power shift cut-out switch"... from the description sounds like it would be like a gear shift sensor? If so, wiring it in parallel with a brake sensor would seem possible. Any links or information on that?

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Thanks TC.! Gear Shift Sensor, yes that is what I meant. I will keep at it.


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        Sounds great. Let us know how it goes.

      So it looks like the correct Plug was damaged and would not snap together. Blue goes to Red, Yellow goes to Pink. Now the Display works, the display control works, the Bat Voltage is Correct, key works, system powers up and down ok, But the motor only runs for one second then the display shows code 010 and Motor Quits....... Shit..!!!


        Making progress! ;-)

        Does your display manual indicate that an error code 010 is a communication receiving problem?

        If so, things I would check for...

        Connector between display and controller for broken or bent pins and properly snapped together. (round or flat connector?) Looking carefully at the GREEN (RX) wire connector.
        Full battery power coming from the display's BLUE wire back to the controller when turned "ON".
        5vdc at your throttle's RED and BLACK wires. And that it stays there when you apply throttle.

        Looking forward to your test results.

        Manual I'm using for reference...

        More detailed information/links on your equipment would be helpful if more troubleshooting is needed. Less speculation and more direct suggestions.
        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


          Everything Worked - I was even able to set up the screen. 010 is a communication problem according to Cyclone.. I cannot see any bent pins, and If you it the throttle before the code pops up it turns the motor for about a second. So I ordered a new controller.... stay tuned. Thanks for the link..!