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CycleAnalyst [wigged-out, screen froze]

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  • jawnn
    I found a listing for a good meter but it does not show that it has a container, Am I supposed to make a box for it? I suspect that it is a scam found at Renhotec group and it does not show watts.
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  • jawnn
    started a topic CycleAnalyst [wigged-out, screen froze]

    CycleAnalyst [wigged-out, screen froze]

    I was riding home on wet cold day. My CycleAnalyst started flipping through all the setting, and landed on "Basic Setup" I can't make it display anything else. And it will not respond to any command.
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    I tried drying it out with a heat lamp, with no results. So I opened it up and there was a tiny bit of condensation on the back wall. But the front switch plate looks like it got wet and dirty. I should have known to use silicone on the switch plate.

    Is there a way to fix this device? I doubt it, any ideas anyone? Like maybe reboot it? And loose all my data which is lost any how if it is unusable.

    I bought this device four years ago after trying the one sold by Luna made in Israel, but it had a defect, did not work. And did not know that it can keep my controller from letting my bike go over a certain speed, so I never set it up that way.

    Now that I know I don't need such high tech, I will just buy a much cheaper volt-amp meter with a speedometer. All a person really needs is a voltmeter to know how much power is still in the battery. But ammeter's are very useful to keep the battery from over heating.

    What I really want a meter that can read motor-phase amps to keep the motor from frying. But I will also need a new Kelly sine-wave controller. And that will stop over amping when the motor overeats.