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Throttle problem Engwe/Yolin display

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    Throttle problem Engwe/Yolin display

    I have a Engwe EP-2 pro and have removed the throttle (for the law in my country).now I get error 22 on the display.
    when I opened the throttle I broke off the hall sensor. now I only have 3 wires left (red-black-white)
    is there a way to connect these so that the error disappears.?
    do i have to buy a full throttle again, or can i fix this with just a new 49E hall sensor

    thanks in advance.
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      Hi MarioDH,
      And welcome to the forum! :-)

      From your description it sounds like your controller is setting a "throttle Fault" code from your removal of the hall sensor. Can you verify this error code?

      It would stand to reason, because often controllers are programmed to look for a particular voltage at the throttle signal input before allowing operation.
      This is a safety feature to ensure a throttle is not stuck in an "on", or partially open position. As well as perhaps being damaged, shorted, or in this case missing.

      The particular voltage needed in this case is .8vdc.

      Of course, replacing the damaged hall sensor of the throttle would do. But how would you disable it? You can't just remove the magnet, as that would produce a voltage of ~2.5vdc.
      You could also secure the repaired throttle from mechanically moving or turning.

      May I suggest another possible solution.

      By using 2 resistors in a "voltage divider" circuit, you could drop the incoming 5vdc voltage down to required .8vdc. (or very close to it) And tuck it away in the throttle housing.

      By using this calculator...

      And using the below values.

      Vs= 5vdc
      R1= 1Kohm
      R2= 200 ohms
      Vout= .833vdc

      Power going into R1 would be from the throttles 5vdc input source.
      Out of R2 would be connected to system ground.
      And Vout from the between the two resistors would be your throttle signal output.

      This circuit should use less than 10mA of power, and 1/4 watt resistors.

      Verify with this calculator...

      Verify which colored wires go to which terminal using this graph...

      If you have a few resistors about, this may be the way to go. Or a mini Pot as discussed in the thread below would allow to dial it in easily.

      Note: I did not verify this by testing, so please recheck my values and test before trying it on your controller. ;-) Perhaps AZguy will run his electronics software tester to confirm.

      Other information on hall sensor throttles can be seen here...

      May give you other ideas.

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        Can you turn the throttle off in controller settings? If the bike won't operate with the throttle disconnected then turning it off should solve the issue.
        I'm not familiar with engwe but I know my wifes Lectric XP has the option of disabling the throttle in controller settings.


          wow thanks for the detailed info.
          only problem is I'm a noob when it comes to electronics. after a few hours of searching I only knew that the small block was a hall sensor.


            If your throttle can't be disabled from your display settings.

            I did bench test the resistor voltage divider circuit mentioned above. So, I know that it will work properly and safely. If you need more help and want to try it, let us know.

            Data points from bench testing...

            Leaving R1 at 1Kohm and changing R2 to...

            150 ohms produces an out-put of .634vdc at 4.25 mA of current.
            200 ohms produces an out-put of .82vdc at 4.06 mA.
            220 ohms produces an out-put of .88vdc at 4 mA.

            Just to show the effects of changing R2 depending on what may be available.

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              what i would like is the easiest solution. like i said i'm not really good with electronics.
              I have removed the throttle with associated hall sensor. now I just want to know if I only mount a new hall sensor the error would be solved.?


                Don’t mean to be frustrating. But new hall sensor to the wiring by itself. Or a whole new throttle assembly replacement like your broken one?

                Did you verify that an error 22 is for a throttle problem?
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                  Verified error 22 is throttle issue…

                  “ How to fix the error 022 of Engwe Ebikes

                  Error 022 indicates throttle abnormality, if the screen shows error 022, it means the connector between the throttle and controller is disconnected or broken. There are 3 steps to check.”

                  Snippet from…

                sorry but english is not my native language so sometimes things get lost or come across differently.

                the error 22 is indeed a throttle problem.

                this is my own fault because I accidentally broke off the cable in the throttle handle.

                So I don't want to use the throttle anymore and I don't want to use that function anymore. I just want the error22 to go away from my display in the most convenient way.

                in the throttle you only have the housing/hall sensor and magnets. so my question is again if I only solder the hall sensor back to the cables, is my error22 then solved? Thanks in advance.


                  Originally posted by MarioDH View Post
                  so my question is again if I only solder the hall sensor back to the cables, is my error22 then solved?
                  If you only solder a new hall sensor (damaged one looks like not enough material to solder to...) to the cables, exactly how the old one was connected. Discarding the other parts of throttle. You would have to save and tape one of the magnets to the side of the hall sensor. Then yes, the error code should go away. And the end could be tucked away after making sure any bare wires could not contact each other or short to any metal. Eliminating the throttle assembly.

                  The hall sensor needs a magnet to "pull down" the output voltage to .8vdc. And it has to be the right polarity. If after taping on the magnet and trying it you still have the error. Either flip the magnet over if possible, or tape it to the other side of the sensor.
                  It may help to look at the throttle assembly before you discard it. To see the orientation of which magnet, and position, to the hall sensor. With the throttle in the off, or closed position.
                  An ordinary small magnet can also be used. One flat on both sides that has the magnetic poles, easily taped to the side of the hall sensor.

                  If you replace the hall sensor to the cable, back in the throttle as it was originally. Yes, the error code should go away. But your back where you started.

                  Trying to be as accurate as possible. Such a seemingly easy question so difficult. :-)

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                    Great that's what i wanted to know. the hall sensor is on order.


                    • Tommycat
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                      Very well. Best wishes on your success.