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motor cuts out but display panel stays on, battery indicator level flashes blank

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    motor cuts out but display panel stays on, battery indicator level flashes blank

    I have a Bafang BBS02B and 965 display. Its been going fine for about a year. I have not done high mileage (maybe 1000km)

    Recently I rode the bike over a very bumpy area and the motor started to cut out intermittently almost right away and has continued to do so.
    The display panel stays lit, when the motor cuts out, but the battery level section flashes (without showing the actual battery level). Its like it is trying to see the battery and cant. No error message.

    If I turn the power off at the battery and power on again at the battery, then at turn on again at the display, everything runs again for a while (battery currently almost full) till, after a while, motor cuts out and battery level section flashes again.
    I have pulled out the various leads and inserted them again, but that did not seem to make any difference. I don't see any sign of arcing on the connector on the battery holder.
    Any clues please? Such as a specific cable which might be the problem?

    Thanks in advance. Kind regards,


    I recently had just one of my batteries behave this way... I bent the little "petals" on the connector contacts for the battery inward to make a better connection and no longer have the issue


      I once had one do some strange stuff like you describe and cleaning and reseating the main harness connector made it go back to normal and its been fine ever since.


        Big thank you AZguy and 73Eldo I'll have a go at your suggestions and get back to you.