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BBSHD works intermittently: What to check first?

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    BBSHD works intermittently: What to check first?

    My son borrowed my bike and rode it faster than I do. He said it stopped working after 20 minutes and then after being off for 10 minutes, worked again. When I turn it on, the display is normal with no error messages. Sometimes the throttle works and when it does so that the PAS. But mostly, even though the display looks normally on, nothing happens with the throttle or when pedaling. I have the brake cut-offs disconnected (always) and there is no gear sensor.

    Where should I check first to trouble shoot?

    Mercury in retrograde?

    Stu Summer

    Hi - looks like you've experienced motor trouble on and off for several years - just this bike or are there several?

    First, does your display have the "motor" symbol (or similar) on the display that indicates when the brake(s) are active? Is it showing? For grins I'd unplug the brake sensors to be sure. And look for accident damage on the bar ends, brake levers, and wiring.

    Blame the boy, not Mercury (at least not quite yet),