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battery won't charge

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  • 73Eldo
    Usually the issue with this type of battery is that it seems to charge too fast and then discharge fast so basically you loose range. Hopefully this happens slowly like maybe 5-10% per year so say when it was new you got 50 miles on a full charge, after year 1 45 miles, year 2 40, year 5 25 miles sort of a thing. Problem is in the case of many ebikes we are dealing with 50+ cells in the pack and it only takes one going bad to screw up the whole pack and that can happen fairly quickly like maybe over a few cycles so you could go from 90% capacity to like 30% in a few days.

    Not charging like you are describing could maybe be a connection problem? You mention you tried several chargers? Do you have several bikes and batteries too? So all the chargers work on all the other bikes and batteries except this one? It could also be an issue with the BMS in the battery that for some reason isn't allowing a charge. Maybe there is a thermal sensor that has failed and it thinks the pack is too hot to charge? Just guessing. Could be a lot of things.

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  • fstued
    started a topic battery won't charge

    battery won't charge

    I have a 500W bafang motor and a 48V, 13.6Ah battery I believe it is the 620model motor. The bike has about 3500mi on it and who know how many charges but a lot. I do not keep it plugged but I do tend to keep it charged up. Right now it is about 75% charged and it won't charge. I tried several other charges still no response. So it isn't the charger. Has the battery reached the end of its life.? It seems like it should last another few thousand miles/charging cycles. Should I just keep riding until it dies completely? That is what I am considering and then see what happens. HOw do you know when your battery is dead or dying.
    Thanks Stu