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Headlight Tail Rear Lights Horn/Braking/Turning Light for Bafang BBS01 02 03

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    Headlight Tail Rear Lights Horn/Braking/Turning Light for Bafang BBS01 02 03

    Hello all,
    I am trying to use this lighting kit ( s) for my Green Pedal KT Controller that has a different 8 pin connection. My connection looks like below and the light has a connection that is 8 pin but one in the center. I can modify my connector to work but I need the pinout for the KT Controller. Does anyone have the pinouts for this?

    Bafang plug and light kit

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	195.2 KB ID:	157706Click image for larger version  Name:	version2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	163.7 KB ID:	157707

    KT Controller cable.​ I need the pinout for this 8 pin with NO Center pin.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	66.8 KB ID:	157705
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    This is a mess. The wire harness in the light kit is a pass thru connection for the Bafang system. So both ends would have to be chopped off to wire on your type of connector. Then the light kit blue connector is already tied to wires you have to buzz out. So those wires can be hooked to the signals in your connector that the light kit needs. So nothing will line up color for color and you will have to draw it all out on paper to keep your head straight. Thats IF your connector has all the signals that the light kit needs. So much trouble for your controller if something goes wrong. The light kit says its good for 24 to 48v. Hard to say if it means 57volts too. The controller wont be supplying regulated 48v. So why not get a buck converter and set for 48v 100watts and hook the blue light kit connector to it. The converter will keep the voltage at 48v no matter what the battery voltage is. Then the converter hooks right to the battery. Then no need to mess with that 8 pin stuff. Put a fuse on the converter in case something in the lights goes wrong. Also with 100 watts of converter, you got plenty of power to add even more lights or put more powerful ones on. All without any risk to the controller. And the controller is not going to have much power to run much lighting. My bafang only has a 6 watt headlight. And likely wont be able to power much more, especially when its running hot.

    Heres a converter link. It takes any voltage up to 90 volts and you turn a pot till you get 48v. I will turn mine to about 40 volts so the LEDs last alot longer. LEDs running that bright are just being over driven and will burn out way too soon. You can pick out a fuse holder with a 3 amp fuse to your liking.

    Oh, its not waterproof so find a small plastic box to put it in to keep water out.
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      Thanks. You made a valid point that may not even be interchangeable. Maybe not worth it for just some lights. I was hoping I could just identify the wires from my controller. I figure all of these are similar (Bafang and Green Pedal). I emailed Green Pedal to ask for the pinouts, so I will see how that goes.


        Update: I have the company that made the lights, made up a connector that would work with my KT Controller. All works now.
        Here was the link for the connector they made for me.


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          That is great that they helped you out like that. Tech support is not a big feature of the eBike world right now.