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Putting the same sprocket on my electrical fatbike rear wheel

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    Putting the same sprocket on my electrical fatbike rear wheel

    So I have this rear fatbike electrical wheel. I am thinking of using the same sprocket/freewheel as was on the old rear wheel. Now when I am trying to get it on there it looks a bit strange. I don't know if this sprocket is perhaps not a fit for my bike? Or if I have to remove that thing in the picture below that my arrow points to? To get it on the axle.

    Also I am linking a video on what I mean.

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Put on here.png
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Name:	remove?.png
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ID:	157848​prockete picture below

    Yea the picture is abit blurry, but it doesn't look like that cassette will work on that motor. The cassette has the wrong kind of freewheel on it. And it don't look like it will screw onto the right kind of freewheel the hub uses.


      Post a photo of the other end of that sprocket/cassette. I think you may have pulled the guts out of your old hub. I suspect there is a locknut on the other end that you missed. if there is those are not compatible.


        To me it sort of looks like a cassette hub that's been disassembled and it's the pawls from the hub showing

        Regardless, freewheel cogsets are cheap and that would be the​ proper solution - i.e. throw out the existing cogset, just purchase a new freewheel cogset and be happy


          Yes blurry pictures but I too think it looks like that hub motor is setup for what is usually called a 'freewheel' and your old wheel used what is usually called a 'cassette'.

          Sunrace as far as I know is a world wide brand available pretty much everywhere and a lot of us have had good luck with their products. They seem to be decent quality, reliable, and a good value. You need to select a freewheel with the proper number of speeds to match your old one and possibly do a little research to make sure its compatible with the brand of your derailleur and chain.

          SunRace is a manufacturer of highly compatible bike parts for MTB, road and racing, e-bikes and juvenile.

          Note that you can install a freewheel with no special tools but you do need a special tool to remove one.