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    Getting all those wires and connectors tucked into the motor mount safely is quite a challenge and likely where a lot of the troubles begin. Thanks again for the help ​​​​​​


      Well, I had one good day on the bike, about 7 miles on the Trails. On the second ride, after about 6 miles the motor started "Fluttering", on and off power to Peddle Assist and Throttle. Started walking the bike home and noticed the Display was on and the Error Code 30 was gone (the road did have a modest incline). I was able to ride home although it felt like the Power had be a bit diminished.

      The next day I rode the trails again and after about 4 miles and climbing a steep but short road, the motor did the same fluttering but this time there was no Error Code. The motor was extremely HOT!
      I tried restarting the motor but each time it would do a short flutter and then stop. Display was still lit but no error code shown. Hid the bike in the bushes and walked home to get my truck. After bringing it back home and recharging the battery, I got the same short flutter and then the motor would quit. Tried restarting a few different time but got the same results. Any ideas?


        Thanks for the response stts. I’m going to try your process of elimination first. Check connectors, unplugging/isolating breaks, display and throttle. Check speed sensor and then pull the motor (which is the old motor, not the new one) check the connectors and wires. I’ll check both motors at this point. If I don’t see any issues I will order a new wiring harness. I’ll test both motors with the new harness.
        Enjoy Your Trip. Thanks again.