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testing controller output for my E-byke

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    testing controller output for my E-byke

    Hello, i want to test the output of the controller as you can see in the links bellow.

    It got 8 outer pins and inner central pin.

    In the 8 pin connection as shown bellow i have three large pins and 5 small.
    i also have the multimeter shown bellow.

    My plan is to plug in the battery turn on the byke and carefully test the output of the controller.

    How should i program my multimeter so it will measure the signal correcty?

    What is the logic behind these pins( i know that there is three phases and sensors)
    What is the correct stratery to test the pins of the controller output?

    Image Whats-App-Image-2023-01-24-at-17-35-27 hosted in ImgBB

    Image Whats-App-Image-2023-01-24-at-17-35-57 hosted in ImgBB

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    Three large pins/wires are typically the motor phases

    A DVM for the most part isn't a good tool to measure controller output, it's far too dynamic... best case you'd want to set it one on AC amps and another on AC volts but you'll need a high current range, maybe more than most handheld DVM's (I'd begin the discussion at 20A but really think a lot more might be appropriate depending on the motor/controller combination... you might get something useful from an AC clamp type meter but I wouldn't really trust that a lot

    If I were going to do this without a lot of hassle I'd use shunts in line with the motor phases and measure with a couple of oscilloscopes (one for voltages on the three phases and the other for the current shunt since it will be best if it is isolated from everything else), unfortunately that will only work well one phase at a time

    If it were essential to measure the three simultaneously or you want to do it "right" I'd get a hold of hall type oscilloscope current probes and probe both current and voltage on each phase (six channels) - this is the best way in my opinion but not trivial...

    OTOH measuring battery current into the controller is easy peasy


      Hello AZguy,I have a HANTEC USB scope i can use,shown in the link bellow.
      I want to isolate the source of the problem.
      If i turn on my Ebyke and put probes on the output pins of the controller will the signal will come out?
      Is there some manual i can use regarding what pairs of pins i need to touch in order to see the functionality of the phase?


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        You'll only be able top probe two phases of the three and voltage only but you should see the same basic signal on all three and if one is dramatically different than the rest, then you'll know there's a problem somewhere

        If we call the phases "A", "B" and "C"... I'd probe A and B first, then B and C... they should look the same but be 120° out of phase.. they might be very "noisy" though so sort of hard to figure out...

        *IMPORTANT!* it has a 5V max input so very important to put a divider in front of the inputs - if you have 100:1 probes that would be appropriate but 10:1 isn't enough

        if you get screenshots please post them, I'd be very interested...