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eBike throttle switch cannot turn off

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    eBike throttle switch cannot turn off

    I retrofitted a new 6 wire throttle control with 6 pin sm connector. All I did was match colors, but the switch fails to turn off. From my research, ebike manufacturers in china do not follow many standards, so I suspect the yellow and brown wires might be different polarities than the controller. But I have no experience on what happens if the switch wires are the wrong polarity. I already tested the leads for continuity.

    Here is the original configuration:

    Here is the new throttle control (which does not indicate polarity on the switch):

    Here is my retrofit of new throttle control to controller using 6 pin sm connector:

    Could you please tell me if the switch stays on if polarities are wrong? it's difficult retrofitting that sm connector, so I want to make sure. Thanks in advance.

    Hi healingmindn,
    And welcome to the forum! :-)

    First a word of caution! Ebike throttles of this type contain two different voltages.

    High voltage battery positive power that is used for sensing the battery's voltage charge for the power indicator or voltage display. As well as the high voltage circuit that is used to energize a controller. Sometimes called key switch or ignition lock circuit.
    I would suspect that your YELLOW, BROWN, and GREEN wires would contain this high voltage.

    The other Low voltage circuits are 5vdc controller supplied power that have to do with the throttle operation.
    I would suspect that your RED, and WHITE wires would contain the low voltage.

    The two voltages can NOT be interchanged or mingled. As you've noted the standards of many manufactures are a bit lax. Especially in the field of wire colors! So ALWAYS verify what wires have what voltage before wiring!
    Note: The BLACK wire is used for both circuits to provide a ground, or battery negative. (Voltage display and throttle)

    To me a switch does not have a polarity. After all it is just a method to connect two different wires to complete a circuit.
    I would consider the one side hot all the time as Power in, Power, Power positive, or In. With the other side of the switch known as... Accessary, Out, or what I like to use... the Switched side.

    I think that your problem lies in how the wires are connected internally in the throttle between old and new. And/Or how the switch interacts with your controller.

    Exactly what does "the switch does not turn off " specifically mean? Does testing continuity refer to the switch making and breaking continuity on the YELLOW and BROWN wires when not connected to anything else?

    Some systems will energize the GREEN wire when the controller is energized by the switch, others just take the GREEN wire power directly from the battery.

    Hopefully I've given you enough to go on. It's up to you to see what voltages are on which wires, and when. I'd disconnect the connector and probe the controller's wires first. Then connect and back probe the connector to see what's changed.

    Respectfully submitted,

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