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How to stop chain sloppiness?

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    How to stop chain sloppiness?

    What I like to do and the way I ride,
    I spend 95% of my riding time Off Road = with my Wart Hog MD 750 (ORC = Off road cycle) as I call it,
    on any Cow/Wild horse/game trails/ up & down dry sandy/rocky creek beds and any other trails I can find.

    I carry all the tools/extra equipment/parts to do repairs + extra tube/tire, I hope, and have tire liners and
    Flat out in and the required tire repair equipment on the bike, along with the minimum survival equipment,
    seeing that I am anywhere from 10 to 50 miles to the nearest help.

    Seeing that the back derailleur hangs down and will be caught/damaged (has been) by brush/rocks, from previous rides,
    I know it's just a matter of time before I crash and burn the derailleur, given the riding and what I like to do.

    So, I think I have figured out a possible solution, for when that derailleur goes down, or the motor quits,
    but I can still pedal my bike.

    Possible solution for trashed derailleur/motor quits?

    Wart Hog, see bike spec's here:

    I bought a new 9 speed long length chain, that fits my Wart Hog, along with several quick links,
    and I'll will be using any one of the 15t-22t-26t-34t back gears, along with the 44t main drive gear,
    depending on the riding conditions, where I am at to get back to safety,
    NOTE: VERY little cell ph service around here.

    I can cut the chain to fit the 34T back gear and also fits all of these gears, (WITHOUT using the derailleur),
    this will be direct drive, emergency use only, using the best gear to get me out to a road,
    and then changing to another gear as needed to get home,
    but I don't like all the extra slop of the chain when using the smaller gears.

    The chain will be cut and fitted to the 34T gear and then hand moved to the smaller toothed gears as needed,
    for the riding conditions to get home etc.
    I am afraid the sloppiness of the chain will create a bigger problems,
    and don't want to be locked into a single gear for all the conditions when I need to get home etc.

    There has to be some way I can get rid of the sloppy extra chain length for all the smaller toothed gears 15/22/26t,
    when I drop down from the 34t back gear on the cassette?

    I don't want to have to add or subtract chain quick links/sections for every gear change etc.

    Your thoughts and suggestions...........