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Luna Wolf shutting off at 53.4V. Why?

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    Luna Wolf shutting off at 53.4V. Why?

    Hi, I use my Wolf with a BBSHD. In the last month or two it now has a very short range, roughly 8 miles. When I plug my Satiator in to charge it it shows 53.4V as the beginning voltage. Why would the BMS be doing this and is there anything I can do about it. It used to shut down at 44 or 46V. Thanks!

    Do you sometimes charge to 100% if not give that a try and see if it makes any difference. If you always charge to say 80% maybe the cells are just way out of balance. Doesn't seem likely since it seems like you know the usual profile and it seems like it suddenly started doing this. Decent batteries don't change that dramatically that suddenly.

    What vintage is your Wolf? Mid 2020ish they seemed to have got a bad batch of BMSs that would suddenly change the cutoff voltage. If it is from that era you could have got a bad one. Even though its way the heck out of warranty it may still be worth contacting Luna to see if they will give you something. When less time had passed they were making what people including me thought were fair offers for a replacement. This late who knows but its worth asking.

    The fully potted design is great for thermal transfer, vibration resistance, and moisture resistance but the down side is if there is a problem as noted above not much you can do about it. If you had the clear liquid version you would have a little better shot hacking into it but even then would take not typical DIY tools and present some risk of making a big boom and then if you did manage to fix it would have a fair amount of work to 'put it back together'.

    I had one of the bad ones and used the credit they gave me for it to get another one. I have one that is a couple years older than the failed one that is still working great and a newer one that has been fine. I use the Wolves on my offroad bikes because of the extra vibration. A regular bike vibrates plenty and one time I had one of the no specific name 'shark' batteries quit on me and smell a little funny, luckily no big boom. Basically the hot glue that held the cells together let go from the vibrations putting all the stress on the nickel strips which eventually gave out. I think the smell was just from the broken part connecting and disconnecting. If it had been a short things could have got more exciting.

    I do have one pack that isn't a Wolf that looks to have the cells stuck together with epoxy in the center then the plastic shrink wrap then what looks to be thin fiberglass sheets then some heavy rubber shrink wrap. Seems pretty solid but it doesn't have any built in mounting system like the wolf so I only use that pack on my street bike. The mounting system I think is often overlooked when people design and choose a battery.


      It's possible that the BMS (Battery Management System) in your Luna Wolf battery is malfunctioning and prematurely cutting off power when the voltage reaches 53.4V. The BMS is designed to protect the battery from overcharging or over-discharging, so it's possible that the BMS is interpreting the higher voltage as a sign of overcharging and is shutting off the power to prevent damage to the battery.

      To fix this issue, you may need to replace the BMS in the battery. However, before doing that, it's a good idea to check the voltage of each cell in the battery to see if there are any cells that are significantly higher than the others. If there are, then it could be a sign that those cells are damaged or defective and may need to be replaced.

      You can use a multimeter or a battery tester to check the voltage of each cell. If you find any cells with significantly higher voltages than the others, then it's best to replace the entire battery or have a professional replace the damaged cells for you.

      If all the cells are in good condition and the BMS is still malfunctioning, then you can consider replacing the BMS with a new one. However, this may require some technical skills and knowledge, so it's best to seek the help of a professional if you're not confident in doing it yourself.

      Overall, it's important to address this issue as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your battery and ensure that it functions properly.


        Originally posted by Mike_V View Post
        ....contains any short circuit while sealed from oxygen precluding combustion.
        ‚ÄčThis was a principal reason for the potting, to create a fail safe - that along with the fusible microwires to each cell... the other being that they are waterproof and water has destroyed more than a couple of "shark" and "dolphin" batteries

        Downside is that it adds a lot of weight... also not repairable but unless a battery is very new I generally don't like the idea of "repairing" them anyway...


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          From what I remember the typewriting towel head wrecked his wolf pack the same as the OP.
          That is using Some Other Brand of charger and then charging to some low SOC instead of 100% every time with results the same.
          I think the OP should call Justin Le about the Satiator ruining his wolf.

        Stu, you'd likely be best served contacting Luna Customer Support. Maybe they offer some sort of prorated replacement cost/value.

        I've no idea what considerations or studies lead Luna into deciding to pot their batteries. I thought I read at some time they did it for impact protection.

        Removing the wires (as done by em3ev and Luna) struck me as a good idea, to eliminate adjacent wire-to-wire and wire-to-surface chafing or breakage. I would also guess that the fusing might save or reduce heat buildup in a cell that's breaking down from drawing too much current, aiding a thermal runaway.

        Regarding O2, I have been under the impression that our style of Lithium battery produces oxygen gas when heated up, and I would guess that's one of the issues for smothering-type fire retardants. Here's an illustration from an unfortunately very lengthy U.S. Government report related to O2 production from the cathode of an overheating cell (as best I understand the report). Along with O2, other toxic gases are released - all helped by the thermal runaway effect.
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          I am curious to hear if his is a failed BMS or some other issue. Hopefully he will report back what he found. I worked one of my Wolves pretty hard yesterday and it did great.


            Nothing from support? Will they ever be available again? I like the idea!

            How could a Satiator possibly damage a battery?
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            Thank you for all the comments. I often charge to 100%/58.8. I am in touch with Customer Support. They asked for a video of the battery/system shutting down, mileage, serial number, etc. It took me a long time to get the video of the battery shutting off, to get it uploaded to Streamable, etc. Just sent that all in today so looking forward to a response when Customer Service has a chance.