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BB02/Luna Wolf 52v battery power disconnect

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    BB02/Luna Wolf 52v battery power disconnect

    I have a 52v Luna wolf battery running a Bafang bb02 mid drive motor. Battery is a couple of years old but relatively few cycles.
    previously had a problems frying 500c displays. Replaced controller and main power harness and that seemed to fix my display problems.
    I’m now experiencing battery power loss/cutoff @ 50v.
    Display will not power up unless I disconnect battery. Reconnect battery and display powers on but will again shutdown once I begin riding.

    Was this a later half of 2020 battery? It appears that Luna got a bad batch of BMS's in that time frame that eventually develop this issue. The official warranty wasn't very long but when not that much time had passed Luna was making what many of us that had the issue what we thought were fair accommodations in getting a replacement. This many years out I'm not sure if they still are helping out or if they even are still making their own packs. Pax kinda mentioned it in a response to someone that they were probably going to quit making their own batteries probably due to issues like this that are somewhat out of their control and just not worth the risk to their reputation.

    Maybe worth sending an inquiry to their support section on their site. It helps speed up the process if you can look up the sales order number in your account you bought it under and the numbers off the tag on the bottom of the pack. I would not get my hopes up too high but who knows they do seem to try and take care of their customers so maybe they will have something to offer.