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zipper z4 not charging

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    zipper z4 not charging

    hi i have a zipper z4 electric bike that isnt charging the green light on the charger just stays green and dosnt go red i have tried a differebt charger of the same values and it just goes the same is there a fuse on the supply side of the battery if so can anyone tell me where it is please

    Does the light change its status plugged into the battery vs no being plugged in? I'm just wondering if its a connection issue. Like is it green not plugged in then goes red when you plug it in so you know its at least making some sort of connection?

    Is the bike/battery dead dead? Or will the bike still turn on and run for a few seconds before shutting itself off? How long has it been like this? Was it operating and charging fine last week or was this last year sort of thing?

    The the charge port on the bike or battery? Like can you take the battery off the bike and still charge it? Maybe try that if its possible.