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Surron mystery throttle response

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    Surron mystery throttle response

    About six months ago, i discovered that my throttle wasn't responding, keyed on display lit but no motor. Despite trying various troubleshooting steps such as checking cutoffs, using the diagnostic cable, and even replacing the throttle itself, the issue persisted. However, during the process, i noticed that after having the bike keyed on for five minutes, the throttle started working and the bike functioned almost perfectly, albeit with occasional brief cutouts during the first mile of a ride maybe only once maybe three or four at worst. I have continued to try and figure out but it was dependable so I continued to use it daily.

    Recently, the problem reached a new level of severity, as the throttle completely stopped working. Interestingly, this occurred on a day that was unexpectedly 30 degrees colder than usual and during thunderstorms.

    Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Did you ever solve this issue? I know have the exact same problem with mine.


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      I pretty much gave up. I just use it when it's warm. But I'm back at it as I need to use the bike to get to get to work. Sorry I did not respond but I got completely fed up with this issue. Spring is here now and I need dependable transportation. Did you ever figure out what the heck is going on?