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New EV vintage adult trike builder questions.

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    New EV vintage adult trike builder questions.

    I'm new to EV conversion and have built a vintage Joyrider 24" Trailmate adult tricycle. This is the Kit I used.

    LIKARVA 750W Electric Brushless Motor Kit 48V 3-Wheel Bike Gear Motor Trike Kit, Electric Motorized Conversion Brushless Geared Motor Kit for Tricycle, Rickshaw, Three-Wheeled Bicycle

    the battery I'm using is the 48V 20Ah lithium bike battery.

    1) the trottle is way too touchy and from a dead stop the bike pulls a wheely and turn left violently due to being right rear wheel drive. Once moving there seems to be better throttle control but low speeds and from a stop, its uncontrollable. Ive replaced the throttle but have the same results. What would cause this and how can i fix it?

    2) the kit came with 2 brake levers. 1 for low speed and 1 for high speed. I hooked up the low speed which has 2 wires from the controller and nothing happens. The high speed one has only 1 wire coming from the controller so i dont understand how to make it work.

    Please help with any suggestions. ‚Äč

    That link looks too sketchy for me to want to click on it....

    The brake lever thing doesn't make sense. Typically they are just simple switches that turn on when the lever is being pulled so the controller is just looking for no switches to be on which also means if they are not plugged in the controller is happy. It takes an ON signal to shut the motor off.

    Was there any sort of instructions talking about some internal switches or wires that could be cut or connected to change the performance? Sometimes that's a thing. Is there any names or numbers on the controller unit? If so try google that info and maybe you can find some specifics about that controller. You may get lucky and there is something you could change but its also possible that you get what you get and need to shop for a more programmable controller.


      Hi Atom,
      "Throttles" are relatively inexpensive and the one you were provided is likely the least expensive which I'm unfamiliar with - perhaps a 'universal' thumb throttle.
      Consider another type, although ensure you buy the right style wiring and MATCHING connector for your LIKARVA setup because there are several and you get what you pay for generally.
      I prefer a full grip like a motorcycle, it's certainly not for everyone, and now I have a few : EX; RHS under lever Thumb Throttle ( like a snowmobile )
      I've met other eBikers who complain about universal thumb throttle gross response which maybe the problem.


        The link is to the Amazon purchase I made of all the items. There were no instructions included with the controller as far as modifications. Like I said I'm new to this and learning as I go. I will look into yet another throttle and see if that works. Thanks for the info and look forward to more.


          Does anyone have a suggestion for a more programmable controller?


            Grin in Canada are pretty much the go to place for all things hub motor. Their stuff is expensive but good. If its out of your price range they are still a great place to go for information. They do a good job of explaining why their stuff is better and cost what it cost.