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BBSHD Power Failure on 'Knocking of Battery' / error 30 - Video / photo included. -- SOLVED

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    BBSHD Power Failure on 'Knocking of Battery' / error 30 - Video / photo included. -- SOLVED

    Hello all, this is a great forum I have read extensively though I seek the knowledge of the community if possible?

    I have as of two weeks ago fitted a BBSHD with 52v dolphin pack to by Cube Touring pro for city commuting.

    Now I am having great trouble in both turning the system on or the odd time it does turn on, it only remains so for a few seconds.

    I noticed just once the dreaded error 30 message on the 850C screen. Click image for larger version  Name:	850C Error 30.PNG Views:	1 Size:	211.5 KB ID:	40411

    You can see in the video the erratic movement of the battery indicator on the 850C display? Could this be a BMS issue though the battery is reading a steady 58.8v on full charge.

    I have wiggled the wiring as error 30 can be a communication error, but I couldn't get any progress from that, the bike has only done 350 miles.

    Once on turning on I also heard what can be described as clicks comming from either the battery of the motor I couldn't pinpoint it. Can anyone offer any thoughts on what maybe the issue?

    I though I would have ridden more than 350 miles before such a huge error!!
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    So after 10 minutes more problem solving I have discovered that it is the colour screen at fault.

    I used a jumper to turn on the system without the screen connected and everything ran under throttle as it should.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	20170720_125216.jpg Views:	1 Size:	411.5 KB ID:	40413

    I will probably now just set pax assist in the Special Sauce map to permanent level 4 and do away with the screen altogether. Simply install a hidden switch in the middle of the jumper cable. Much cleaner handle bars, no screen, no control buttons, no break lever magnets.

    So it turn out knocking the battery had feck all to do with it, just a failed control screen. A pretty weak link. It also looks like I have answered my own questions so is this post worth keeping?
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      Turns out I jumped the gun. With the jumper in place the motor will now run with NO Load on the back wheel. As soon as I sit on the bike and try to use the throttle the whole system dies.

      Could this be the internal controller of the motor has failed? Or what would cause the system to turn off when there is weight on the bike. Could it be over voltage protection of some description?


        Ok so none of the above was the reason for any of my problems. Turns out it was the pins in the battery cradle not having a good enough connection. The bumps of the road where causing it disconnect continually. I simply bent the pins outward slightly and all my problems have been solved.

        With the added bonus now of the bike set up to run with out the screen or control. Pax assist 4 set and throttle on.

        The trials and tribulations of e bike ownership...

        Maybe the above ramblings will be of some help to someone in the future!!
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          7-10 lbs of battery wiggling on thread inserts intended for couple lbs water bottle is probably not good in the long term. I add a simple velcro or D ring strap around my battery to better secure it firmly to the frame.

        • Hodgi
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          Thanks for the advice, you are quite correct. That is something I shall make a point of doing.

        Hope your troubles are over Hodgi, it seems odd that just sitting on the bike would upset the connections -- I'll take extra care when setting mine up.
        Thanks for sharing your experiences.