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48v 13s 5p Hailong DIY Battery pack poor charging

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    48v 13s 5p Hailong DIY Battery pack poor charging

    I build my pack , went for a test ride ,got out of power , came back , recharged for 4.24 hours, power shows 3 leds on the LED meter. But the watt hour Meter I used showed consumption of only 1.717 AH . Is that what really is on my battery ? is that measurement right?

    13s5p should give me 48v 10ah , right? what could be wrong?

    see my poor video here:

    The 10Ah would be dependent on the mAh (milli amp hours) of the individual batteries. But that wouldn't have much to do with the charging rate. The charge rate would depend on the Amp rating of your charger and the batteries themselves. If the Amp rating on either is too low it will take a long time to charge. I would recommend a 5Amp charger and 20Amp batteries. (though the battery Amp rating is referring to the discharge rate)


      I deleted my answer since this post is from last year.

      But your battery is messed up. A 13S battery is 54.6V and your video says it's at 48V. Means your battery was not at full charge, and it's probably unbalanced (or built wrong) if the charger cannot take it to full voltage. Hope you fixed it by now.

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        Well here the nominal voltage and non nominal voltage comes into play.

        Each battery has 3.7 volts nominal when fully charge then 13x7 48 but most common measurements will tell 54.6 non nominal meaning 4.2 x 13 .

        Is this right?


          What they call nominal voltage for an 18560 cell, 3.7V, is about half charged.

          Yes, full charge is 4.2volt per cell group, which means 54.6V is full charge for your battery. Your video only showed 48.620 V. Missing almost 6 volts. Some of your cells, maybe a lot of them, were partially charged when you posted.

          Did you ever fix this problem,?