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Battery Charger/Battery issue

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  • Battery Charger/Battery issue

    Hi guys,
    I just did my first ride on my BBSHD with the 48v 17.5ah Jumbo Shark, It was 60 miles. i did the rookie mistake of letting the battery get below 5% and this would have been my 3rd charge out of 6 balancing charges.
    The 48v mini charger stopped charging and started the known clicking/cycling on and off. I attempted a Jump to reset the BMS various times with no help. The charger output reads: 54.8, the battery discharge side reads: 43.9. the 3 pinned battery side charging port reads: 43.9.
    Continuity on wiring is good. I am at a dead end. The instructions on flipping your battery upside down and having positive on left and negative on right does not hold true on my battery, as you will see in the pics posted. I opened a trouble ticket as well.
    I would appreciate any help while i wait for a Luna response..
    Same voltage on discharge side and battery charging port (3 pins). This battery has (-) ports on left and (+) on the right. meter read: 43.9 vdc
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    Hey Jaime

    if you have time let me know what the response from Luna is I have the same issue with my battery


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      I am having the same problem tried to jump start but will not charge . I'm waiting on luna for more help. please post if you find the answer.


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        Same problem. My 52v11.5Ah Triangle Reads 54 through charge port 30 through discharge. I attempted a Jump to reset the BMS various times with different chargers. Luna mini will come on for a few minutes on discharge side and not at all through charge side.