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    Actually I wanted a second battery and a smaller chain ring as you'll see in an email to support today that was sent yesterday. But I wasn't about to order that stuff when what I got from you isn't functioning.
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      That's fine just ask whoever you speak with to have the case assinged to Gary so I can take care of the details.


        I just finished my first build yesterday and I am new to having an ebike. Unfortunately, I have the same issue concerning the 52V 3amp Luna Mini Charger- just clicks on and off. I have emailed support and am awaiting an answer. An exchange or an adapter would be a good solution.


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          Please email with your order number and mention the clicking mini. In the meantime, leave it clicking/working and somewhere above 50V it will charge normally and it should top off the battery. Then avoid voltages below 50-51V resting until you have the fix or another charger.

        I see a few issues. You have the two sets of wires from the battery, a charge set +/- and a discharge set +/-. I would only connect the charger to the charge set of wires from the battery. Both sets of wires go to the BMS in the battery pack. The BMS takes current in through the charge wires and distributes it to the cells in the pack. The BMS puts current out to the controller through the discharge set of wires. The charger when it is for 48v battery should always have a higher output voltage than 48v pack, eg 52-58v. The BMS in your battery pack and your controller should not allow over-discharging to 40-43v pack voltage. If you can not recharge normally after replace fuse or reset switch if needed, then yes, it is time for the service and/or parts.
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