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Wrong motor temperature

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  • Wrong motor temperature

    Hello, i have this 1000W kit
    and my lcd screen always show motor temperature 15°C
    I tried to ask the manufacturer but they did not know. What should be the problem?

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    Temperature sensors have resistance that varies with temperature. They have limits to so that if it is shorted you may get one value and if the circuit is open you will get another. Since it is not changing with weather conditions it is a complete failure or it may not even be there.

    If it has 2 wires measure the resistance with a DVM. Without knowing the specs you would want something in the hundreds of ohms not Zero or infinity.


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      the only thing manufacturer said was it should be problem with kt-lcd display
      i have kt48zwsrl controller
      i dont think it is short circuit or something, 15°C is not good to be minimum temperature programmed