Please help me find the correct connection to these Pinouts I have a TaoTao 48v/500w ebike (pinouts from inside bldc controller) please list the colors/pinout these connect to.. THANKYOU SO MUCH IN DESPERATE NEED OF REPAIR!

D- Thin Black =
D+ Thick Red = (TO Braker/BAT +)
Thin Red =
B5 Thin Green =
VS Thin Green =
H- Thin Black =
HW Thin Blue =
HU Thin Yellow =
H+ Thin Red =
+5V Thin Red =
TS+ Thin Red =
TS Thin Grey =
XS Thin White =
B Thin Blue =
B5 Thin Green =
SH Thin Purple =
E Thin White With Blue =
HX Thin Orange =
G03 Thin Blue =
HX Thin Orange =
Throttle Red with White =
Throttle Black with yellow =
Throttle Green With Red =

Green with yellow wire *could be green with white I''m slightly color blind spliced under seat from dash to rear end spliced to? (dc converter/control module/gnd?) =

Well thank-you for your time reading this and I hope you have the time to reply to this message as it is very important to me!!!
Christopher Coccimigio